Enrollment and student housing

Keeping UC accessible for our talented young Californians is one of my top priorities, and our plan to boost in-state student enrollment has resulted in encouraging increases in both freshman and transfer student applications. As UC expands to accommodate a growing student body, one of our most important challenges is to sustain the academic excellence that makes us the nation’s preeminent public research university. To that end, we are hiring additional faculty members, evaluating programs and looking for the best ways to create more UC graduates.

As we increase student enrollment, we also must make sure that our students have access to affordable housing. This can be challenging since many of our campuses are located in expensive real estate markets. To address this critical issue, I have created the President’s Student Housing Initiative, to be led by Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom in close collaboration with colleagues on all 10 campuses.

The initial goal will be to add at least 14,000 student beds by the 2020 academic year, with a mix of undergraduate and graduate housing. We are looking at every means possible to speed up the completion of new housing. Much of the funding for this construction will be external, and a top priority will be to keep the resulting housing affordable for UC students.

Important Dates

April 19 Graduate Research Day
May 14 May Budget Revise